2020 Finalising a new Police Promotions System

Having made it clear that a new police promotions system was overdue, the Association quickly got on board when a review was announced in February 2019.

The Commissioner sought to finalise this review by December 2019. However, we were not prepared to settle for a compromised system in order to meet deadlines.

The PANSW was represented on the Promotion Review Steering Committee by Vice President Kevin Morton and Assistant Secretary, Industrial, Kirsty Membreno.

We conducted member research in March 2019 in order to advocate strongly during the consultative process.

Our research indicated that any new promotions system needed to be quicker, fairer and free of barriers, with the capacity to adequately assess and equip officers on the job for promotion.

The Police Promotions Steering Committee, and all subcommittees, continued to meet on a monthly basis during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A great deal of work went into developing a broad concept document which outlined the key concepts of the Career Development elements and the formal promotional process.

Pending legislative reform, it is anticipated that the new Police Promotional System will commence in the latter part of 2020.