2015 Remote and isolated work

Your Association attended the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) with the NSW Police Force (NSWPF) on nine occasions throughout 2015 over the issue of Single Unit Policing.

In July we held a HWP Forum, gathering vital information from members on RBT and backup which assisted us in conciliations at the IRC.

The tragic shooting of Curtis Cheng on 2 October 2015 outside Police Headquarters was the first time NSW Police were directly targeted in a terrorist attack. It significantly affected NSW Police officers and the way we conduct our business.

Following an urgent hearing in the IRC before President Walton on 8 October 2015, officer safety was significantly increased.

The outcomes of the dispute included:

  • NO expansion of any single unit policing in metro or country

  • Stationary RBT should be performed with a minimum of two officers. Only when this is not practical, and where it was previously carried out as single unit, could it be performed as a single unit. There is now a list of mandatory equipment and criteria required for performing RBT as a single officer.

  • No expansion of single unit stationary RBT.

  • CAD Supervisor access would be enabled for HWP officers who work on their own during daylight hours to provide access to the CAD Map function, identifying other vehicles for available backup.

  • A one-page checklist was developed for completion for all first response jobs when attending as a remote or isolated worker (single unit).

  • Pairing up should occur during the hours of darkness in all areas, including country areas.

  • Remote and Isolated Worker Panel was formed to assess submissions from branches requesting the installation of counter screens and associated works.