1994 15% salary increase under Enterprise Bargaining

Through the Enterprise bargaining agreement, a significant salary package was won for members, representing one of the largest leaps in police pay ever experienced in the organisation.

On 3 November 1994, President of the Police Association Phil Tunchon and Police Commissioner Tony Lauer (a former PANSW President) co-signed the first Enterprise Agreement.

This historic 30-page document covering 12,500 non-commissioned NSW Police was achieved after long and complex negotiations between the Association and the force. 

It was lodged with the Registrar of the Industrial Relations Commission in November and included the following changes:

  • An average of 15% increase in base salary of total non commissioned police officers’ salary paid in two instalments (9% effective 1 July 1994 and 6% from 1 July 1995)

  • On Call Allowances increased by 15% (9% and 6%).

  • Special Duties Allowances increased by 15% (9% and 6%).

  • Detectives Special Expense Allowances increased by 4% (3% and 1%).

  • Alteration of definition of annual leave from 42 calendar days to 30 working days per annum and enhanced flexibility.

  • Members entitled to a sick leave bank under new cumulative system. On 1 January 1995 (and every 1st January thereafter) a further 15 days were added to each officer's entitlement.