1986 Introduction of the 38 Hour work week

A change in Police ministers from Peter Anderson to George Paciullo in early 1986 signalled a fresh approach, but there was still no substantive offer. Amid the strength campaign, Lloyd Taylor and Sean McCormack had begun to agitate on the issue of hours. Taylor demanded that police be given the right to do a 38-hour week.

To back his claim and highlight the strength issue, Taylor instituted a series of work-to-rule bans after six days of consultations between the Association and the Public Service Board had failed to produce a result.

The work bans had the desired effect, and in April 1986 the exec met to consider an offer from the Public Service Board in relation to the 38-hour week.

The executive circulated the offer to all branched with their recommendation that it be accepted. The response from branched was overwhelmingly in favour.

The introduction of the 38-hour week resulted in all police receiving an additional 12 days of annual leave and an additional 523 police were to be recruited to cover the gaps left by shorter hours.