1980 Changes to structure of the Association

In April 1981 Association President Tony Lauer presented a report which had a fundamental impact on the Association. He recommended that the president be appointed as the Association’s Chief Executive Officer with five divisions created within the Association Management structure spreading duties and responsibilities throughout the secretaries.

Lauer said that the restructure was necessary to withstand external pressures being places on the Association, but particularly ‘internal’ pressures which were causing concern. He claimed that the generalised nature of the duties of general secretaries, was outdated, and that there would be a broadening of official responsibilities with the employment of people such as fully qualified accountant and and lawyers there would be a broadening of official responsibilities within the organisation.

The subsequent annual conference saw the approval of necessary rule changes to bring about Lauer’s recommendations without debate. The support for Lauer was such that there was no opposition whatsoever.

Lauer’s report recommended that: 

  • the administration of the Association be divided into divisions;
  • each division fall under the responsibility of a divisional head;
  • responsibility for the administration of each division fall to the divisional head;
  • any expansion of any division will rest upon the ability of the divisional head to demonstrate the necessity of such change.

The five divisions created were:

  • Administration: General corespondence, all arrangements concerning meetings of Conference and the Executive, Police News and other documents, administration and accomodations, ect.
  • Finance: Accounts recieved, subscriptions, statements of income and expenditure, membership recors and welfare payments, etc.
  • Industrial: Preparation of claims, preliminary negotiations, appearance before industrial tribunals, industrial research, award matters, ect.
  • Legal: Promotion appeals, disciplinary appeals, applications for legal aid, ect.
  • Welfare:  Liaison with associates branch, welfare schemes, applications for welfare assistance, ect.

Divisions such as Legal and Welfare had a total staff allotment of just one and these two groups were to be amalgamated later that year.