1947 Association Membership extends to Police Women and Police Cadets

Although the first women to join the NSW Police had done so in 1915, there was no compulsion for women to be admitted to membership as strictly speaking they were not fully fledged constables of police.

While women remained ‘special constables’ in the NSW Police structure until 1965, at which point they then became amalgamated into the same rank structure as men, they were admitted membership to the Association much sooner.

In 1947 there were approximately 40 policewomen in NSW Police and in the April edition of the Police News, General Secretary Laut canvassed the possibility of admitting women to Association membership, noting that the incoming annual conference would make the final decision on the matter.

 Conference must realise that the strength relies upon general organised membership, and all sections of the community are entitled to assistance and support in the general march of progress.

The 1947 Conference decided to admit policewomen to the Association’s ranks, and also agreed to admit police cadets.