1933 Memorial plaque to honour fallen police

Calls to commemorate fallen officers who had been killed in the execution of their duty since 1900 came following a series of losses.

Most notable was the loss of 46 year old Constable Ruston Stephenson in an accident on Newtown on 8 april 1933. The constable had been on his way to duty at Newtown Staduim in a patrol car. Upon alighting at the stadium and walking around his car, a motorcycle with a side-car that had been rushing a baby girl to hospital swerved to avoid a crowd and crashed into the constable, tragically killing both the constable and the baby. 

The marble memorial plaque at police headquarters in Hunter street was unveild by the Chief Secretary and senior officers.  Twenty six names were inscribed.

The Commissioner of Police, Mr. Childs, mentioned the plaque in an address to Conference 1933 shortly before its unveiling, as a further proof of the dangerous and arduous duties that the Police have to perform:

"I thank you, gentlemen, for your invitation for me to be present at your Annual Conference, and I too wish you every success in your deliberations. I would like to endorse every word that has been said in regard to the dangerous and arduous duties that the Police have to perform, and if anything more were necessary,  the proof of it will be found in a memorial tablet which the Minister will be asked to unveil towards the end of the week. It records the long list of Police killed in the execution of their duty. I hope that for coming years you will see the other side of the board clean." 

Names incribed on the plaque upon unveiling included:

  • Senior Const. J. C. Murdock  25/10/1900
    Police Memorial commemorating fallen police at Police Headquarters. Published in the Police News June 1933
    Photo depicting the memorial plaque circa 1933 
  • Const. D. Guilfoyle 19/7/1902
  • Const. W. Justin 11/3/1905
  • Const. J . J . Wallace 11/ 2 /1906
  • Senior Const. T. Smith 19/4/1910
  • Sgt. J. McDonnell 26/12/1911
  • Sgt. E. S. Hickey 1/5/1913
  • Sgt. W. Bowen 4/3/1916
  • Const. G. J. Duncan 26/9/1916
  • Sgt. Ramsay Dobbie 11/12/1917
  • Det. Sgt. William Robertson 21/10/18
  • Const. Joseph Hush 06/11/19
  • Const. W. Mitchell 17/12/1920
  • Const. F.W  Wolgast 21/1/1921
  • Const. F. McGrath 19/03/1924
  • Const. J. P. Flynn 9/3/1924
  • Sgt. E.J Williams 28/08/1926
  • Const. O.E Bell 27/5/1927
  • Const. L. Alpen 17/2/1928
  • Const. N.T Allen 3/1/1931 
  • Const. E. Andrews 3/1/1931
  • Sgt. G.T. Whiteley  25/3/1931
  • Sgt. W.M.P. Carmody  19/04/1931
  • Const. J. McCann 5/8/1932 
  • Const. C.J. Bush 5/8/1932
  • Const. R.J. Stephenson 8/4/1933