1926 Police win landmark decision of 44-hour work week including weekly rest days

In September 1925 the Association Executive places seven matters before the new Chief Secretary Carlo Lazzarini.

  • improved superannuation benefits including better deal for widows and a full pension after 30 years' service. A refund of contribution on resignation from the force;
  • concessional train travel dor members and their families when on annual leave;
  • preference for Associaation members;
  • a six day week in line with the introduction of a 44-hour weel;
  • appointment of ten additional commissioned officers;
  • an increase in the stregth of the force;
  • indroduction of a long-service pay after 20,25,30 year's service

Chief Secretary Carlo Lazzarini gave the association a sympathetic hearing promising action on a variety of fronts. Over the next year the Association enjoyed a strong relationship with Lazzarini who was to provide significant benefits to working Police.

In May 1926 the police finally won a 44-hour work week which included the granting of weekly rest days additionally measured success was achieved on the superanniation front, with widows' rights being improved.