Turning Back The Pages | Police News Ads

Monday 7 October, 2019

Turning Back The Pages | Police News Ads

Police News December edition 1922 contained piano advertisement on the back cover
Iconic Beale piano advertisement on the back cover of Police News December Edition 1922

In the early days of the Police News magazine it wasn't unusual to see advertisements placed for Whiskies, Brandy, Suits, Tailors and Pianos. 

In fact the "Beale" piano company were regular advertisers in the Police News, placing eye-catching advertisements on the back cover almost every month during the early 1920s.

Each advertisement featured vibrance characters and scenes, a stark contrast to some of the more common text heavyand static advertisements of the time.

The first Baele piano advertisement in the Police News appeared in the 1922 April Edition.

Beale & Company LTD were Australias first piano manufacturers establishing Australia’s first piano factory in Sydney in 1893 and later a factory in Annandale in 1902, which went on to become the largest piano factory in the southern hemisphere at the time.

Moreover, their founder Octavius Charles Beale had conducted a Royal Commission of Inquiry into Secret Drugs, 1905-1910.