Centenary Year Video



To celebrate the 101st anniversary of the Association's founding on 8 September 1920 we are released a series of Centenary Video chapters across the dates of 4-12 September, in conjunction with History Council NSW's HISTORY WEEK 2021. 

The Centenary Video was played in full at the PANSW Biennial Conference held in Wollongong in March 2021. A statewide launch of this video production - narrated by Simon Bouda and created collaboratively with his colleague Kym McEwen - was originally intended for our disrupted Centenary celebrations in 2020. The week of 4-12 September was the first opportunity for releasing these video chapters more widely.

Our Centenary Video is split into seven brief 2-3 minute 'chapters' that feature different aspects of the Association's history and important milestones. 

Scroll below to view each chapter:  Policing in NSW from 1920 to 2020; Memorable Milestones; Turning Points; Standing Tall; Standing Strong; Standing Together; and Standing in Unity. 

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a new chapter is being added every evening throughout the week of 4-12 September 2021

Released 10 September; see earlier chapters below.

Chapter 7 - Standing in Unity

Here's to the first 100 years of the Police Association... (a time) to celebrate the special unity and strength that binds all Police officers in NSW.


Note: This footage dates back to before the intensified Covid outbreaks of 2021.

Introduction - Chapter 1 - Policing in NSW from 1920 to 2020

Through it all the Association held its head high, working behind the scenes to make members' lives better and safer ... building unity and strength from being of and by Police. 

Chapter 2 - Memorable Milestones

With each Police Academy graduation, new cultures, new faces, new diversity. 

Chapter 3 - Turning Points

The struggle for better uniforms and equipment has been one of the Association's driving forces. 


Chapter 4 - Standing Tall

In the face of seemingly insurmountable adversity our members stand tall, stand proud. 


Chapter 5 - Standing Strong

This is a job like no other. 



Chapter 6 - Standing Together

Member welfare has and always will be an Association priority.