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Centenary Year Video

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Police Sandbag Police Headquarters during World War 2

War Years

There is a very special connection between our members and those who have served our country in Defence. Many of our members have served in two uniforms, both as officers in their community and in various wars and peacekeeping operations. In honour of all those who have served our country, we’ve retrieved some stories from our archives.

Life Members: Wood Royal Commission

In this segment hear former members and activists reflect on the impact of the Wood Royal Commission in 1995 and discuss the Association's role in representing police officers of NSW during a difficult period for all cops.

Life Members: What does the Association mean?

Filmed as part of the Association's Centenary year activities, the Life Member video series provides a snapshot into the key moments and milestones of the organisation's history. In this segment hear what the Association means to former members and activists.

First Meeting of Police Association Executive 1920

Marking 100 years of Strength and Unity. The first meeting of the Police Association Executive was held on the evening of 8th of September 1920. 100 years on, there has been a great deal of change but the areas of advocacy and representation still ring true.

Campaign To Eradicate Asbestos from Police Buildings

This centenary story takes us into the modern era and an intense work health safety campaign to prevent members being exposed to hazardous materials.

Battle to restore appeal rights

In the late 1990s Association members waged a relentless campaign to restore their right to appeal against unfair dismissal.

When the Association sued for sick pay

As a fledgling union of around 2,330 members, the Police Association embarked on an extraordinary challenge of the NSWPF’s definition of “injured on duty” in the Supreme Court.

5 Events That Shaped the Association

Geoff Armstrong identifies five events that capture the essence of the Association, its objectives and aspirations during its rich history.

War Mission: Constable Transports Precious Cargo

Fifty years after the war Bob Phillips, then a Constable attached to the Traffic Branch, breaks his silence on a top secret assignment to convey an important load to Garden Island. Following is his account of the mission.

Police Family: Family of Heroes

Constable 1st Class George E. Tarrant, stationed at Blake N.S.W., held the record for having the greatest number of brothers in Australia's Fighting Services at that time. Constable Tarrant forwarded photographs and details of his brothers.
The sand bagging of Police Headquarters

The sand bagging of Police Headquarters

Ex-member (Sgt. 3/C) Bob Lawler discovered this wartime photo when going through old papers and sent it in to attest to his humble contribution to the war effort by sandbagging the old Police Headquarters building in Phillip St on Christmas Day 1942, the time when the Japanese midgetsubmarines were prowling Sydney Harbour

Ted Larkin: Police Officer, Soldier, and an early supporter of the Police Association movement

An excerpt from "SEE THE CONQUERING HERO COMES" on The life and death of Sergeant Ted Larkin by By Geoff Armstrong

Evolution of the modern police uniform

Since the formation of the PANSW, many changes to police uniform and equipment have been initiated by frontline members through their Association. Here are some key changes over the past 100 years.
Betram Fortescue

The first PANSW Secretary Bertram Fortescue

The surprising story of Bertram Fortescue, the first PANSW secretary, died in office desperately seeking an exemption from public sector wage cuts of 16.5 % at the time.

PANSW Leadership | President's Portraits

Wednesday 4 December 2019
PANSW has been lead by a variety of President's over the decades, all serving Police officers.

Police News Then and Now

Friday 15 November 2019
The Police News magazine has evolved and changed over the decades seeing a variety of covers, styles and features.

Turning Back The Pages | Police News Ads

Monday 7 October 2019
Various ads have been places in the Police News over the years, sometimes expected and some surprising. It wasn't unusual to see advertisements for Whiskies, Brandy, Suits Pianos. 

A Message from Tony King

Monday 18 November 2019
As I look back at the history of our Association over the past 99 years, one fact is crystal clear. Those that came before us fought long and hard for the creation of an organisation to represent NSW police officers, taking on direct opposition from Governments and senior police. It wasn’t a given.

100 Years of the Police Firearm

Over the past 100 years, changes to the Police firearm have been prompted by tragedy and were passionately and persistently fought for by numerous generations of Police Association members.

Centenary Video

  Introduction - Chapter 1 - Policing in NSW from 1920 to 2020 Through it all the Association held its head high, working behind the scenes to make members' lives better and safer ... building unity and strength from being of and by Police.    Chapter 2 - Memorable Milestones With each Police Academy graduation, new cultures, new faces, new diversity.    Chapter 3 - Turning Points The struggle for better uniforms and equipment has been one of the Association's...